In names of the animals the Put out and on the street of lives We wish a nice Christmas period

In names of the animals the Put out and on the street of lives We wish a nice Christmas period

The animals wish you a nice Christmas period and a nice  season,
Without worries or health problems this of whole hearts of us to all.
If to want to do please you, nevertheless, a little bit fúr our animals with pleasure you itself very much and are very grateful about that.


Here ours

PAYPAL: directly

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Or in front on our web page below is a banner of zoo plus

Ask, however, first please what we exactly need under this E mail

Because we many animals have are ill and do not stand any feed and other feed.

We thank for your Intresse and for PERHAPS help

If you want to support us, write to us please E mail
 So that we can also thank and we you even if you it would like to mention in our thanks web page.



I ask you soon is Christmas give away no animals

I ask you soon is Christmas give away no animals

I ask you soon is Christmas give away no animals Soon again Put out or at the animal home or cruel they get to know to thanks to you do to the animals nothing the good




Please, Help us street animals in Spain the animals urgently need help in feed and Medizinsche help

Around veterinarian cost to pay what animals here very much need kónnen you by PayPal directly under give all the same from which country

Help! jar on white background

You can also send animal feed money to us by PayPal The animals are glad very much and need it very urgently many thanks in you drugs and feed and veterinarian are urgently required

Maybe you yourselves have an animal and know like this is and have to help a heart for poor animals at Christmas around here and to donations thanks in you for your big animal heart



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A tous les chers amis d’animal

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A tous les chers amis d’animal





Nous avons besoin d’urgence de la nourriture sèche u la nourriture de boîtes
puisque certains animaux de rues sont très malades.
Et Facilement des nourritures et la diète de la nourriture ont besoin,
Donc si vous voulez aider volontiers bienvenue, les animaux de rues en ont besoin d’urgence.
En Espagne, cette nourriture spéciale est très cher un sac coûte
60.-jusqu’à 70. euros au hêtre
Nourriture de boîtes jusqu’à 2. euros chez le vétérinaire.
Commerce d’animal aussi.
Nous réjouiraient beaucoup si vous pouviez soutenir quelque chose à nous.
Si vous vous vantiez ont besoin vous nous écrivez s’il vous plaît


Des animaux ont besoin de chaque don là en Espagne la crise malheureusement est grand et des animaux beaucoup y compris souffrent

ou par PAYPAL




Ils savent aussi sur notre page Web devant directement à plus de zoo
si nous commandons vous transmettent par E le Mail volontiers l’adresse
où cela doit aller Là.
Les animaux de rues ont besoin de nous beaucoup,
et nous ne pouvons pas non plus vous laisser dans la gravure
C’est beaucoup aidé sur la terre dans beaucoup de pays,
Mais des animaux de rues et animaux, certes, aussi un peu cependant trop peu
Et si alors seulement quelques-uns aident les mêmes animaux avoir ou
quelques revenus ont.
Etre du coeur avec cela pour aider beaucoup vaut.
Et on aide avec cela et il en vient aussi à là où c’est demandé d’urgence.
Nous nous informerons Si affectueusement dans la prochaine contribution qui
a soutenu.
Peut-être, vous participez ? ? ?
A beaucoup de cordiaux Grâce à vous avez pris le temps
aider dans cet article et pour éventuellement
aussi au nom des animaux de rues Merci bien.


o all dear animal friends

to all dear animal friends









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or by PAYPAL


They are able also on our web page in front directly with zoo plus
if we order pass on you by E mail with pleasure the address
where this should go There.
The street animals need us very much,
and we may also not let down you
It is helped a lot on the earth in many countries,
But street animals and animals though also a little bit, however, too little
And if then only a few help the same animals have or
few incomes have.
Be with heart, besides to help is a lot worth.
And one helps with it and it also comes in there where it is urgently required.
We will report in the next contribution who to ourselves So affectionately
has supported.
Maybe you are present???
To many many thanks you have found time
to help in this article and in order perhaps
also in the name of the street animals to thanks nicely.


dsc01890Thanks for Donante 

Me Animal Friend 

They donations request there the animals are glad and need it very urgently


Here it is getting worse with the animals Unfortunately .

Here it is getting worse with the animals Unfortunately .

As in other EU countries such as Romania.
with spreaders or exposed animals , often is not long
hesitated .
We see it every day. Cats are often meaningless injured or killed by human hands . The same is also true for dogs.
We try to help the animals , but you can not be everywhere.
It often happens that animals severely injured or are almost starving.
Sure, there are also people who love your pet very much , but none more able to keep the crisis in Spain.
What we find very sad.
Often, the animals, the bereaved under the situation of crisis.
Even dogs are used for hunting, as well as get nothing to eat and have diseases because of an unacceptable condition.
If the dogs do not want to hunt , they are treated cruelly and often hung on the tree. As the hunters need not be proud of it . I think it’s cruel and disrespectful. You will understand that we can not show pictures of such a thing. Out of respect towards the animals .
We ask you to respect that.
Cruel enough . if you would imagine .

We require for October , more medication and other urgent assistance to help animals can .
Food , medicines, veterinary costs , etc., are indeed covered by us anything, but our resources are limited.
There are also more and more animals ,
we can not simply leave their fate.
We can not watch as you suffer or to die.

On behalf of the animals, we thank you from the heart
for your interest.
If you want to support us , love .
It arrives and helps animals.

Here is our e mail
If you have questions or want to know more are willing to give you answer.

If you want to support us for the vet and another :


If you want to send us feed , please write to us . We can then write what is urgently needed. Forward on our website is a banner of Great Deals .

Thank you very much , even in the name of
Animals for your support
your time and for this they
have applied .

The animals look forward to any help and are very grateful.



galgos-die-abfallhunde-der-spanischen-jc3a4gerThe hunter does not need proudly his what he the dog does

33089368_2The hunter breeds dogs in a cruel lodging without love and would become

victoriaDogs get nothing to food around to hunting Have lost weight and often Ill




Strays or abandoned animals have a right to life and respect and that they will be helped .

Strays or abandoned animals have a right to life and respect and that they will be helped .







Not only human.
Sure there are a lot of suffering and atrocities around the world .
Hunger , abuse , war, and what else the man himself caused and not think of the consequences. Rare that someone when he is forced to flee , his belongings and animal entrains . Since the animal remains on track. Unfortunately , only when it is too late man sees what he has done . Be it through wrong action or selfish behavior . Then you say to yourself , I’d only . But animals also need help from us . Without the help and the animals we would be much lonelier. Without the help of the animals , many people would be helpless. For example, people have a visual impairment or children who are sick or or . Since I could list many things.
Not only can you reap the benefits of it.
But also give something from the heart , such as respect and love.
Animals are not objects that you just that easily increases and then simply throw away as garbage.
Or, she suggests , because a louse is a run on the liver.
And you do not let it in from where it has caused .
Or you have animals to make money . With breeding, or fighting other things. This is very cruel and should be banned .
I find .
Or hunter in Spain. Hunting dogs and let them go hungry , so yes they follow . The dogs are often abused, live in appalling conditions and if one does not want to hunt , he is hung on the tree or shot and left in the abandoned area without water and so are .
So, the hunter does not matter what it is . Disrespectful and cruel.
We try to help as we can.
Also, veterinary and medical.
We do not care and we are here with a heart .
Even if it is so difficult and yet we go to work for little pay, here in Spain we can not stand by and do nothing. Here are a food factory no food , so you can power hungry animals.
Or medicines . You must take care of that . We can be glad that the vet for a fee of course , always helps with heart is .
The also do not have many .

There is a saying:
A single animal
not change the world ,
But the world is changing for
this animal.


We and the animals thank you for your interest .

Thank you for sacrificing your time to watch this purely .

If you are interested in supporting us
so that stray animals can still get food and veterinary treatments .
Then you can help us happy
Or write to us
if you want us to come feed
Here is our e mail address




Well I does not confine people with stray animals that are so heartless .

The first case :




It rained and currently many young cats and dogs are on the way who very much hunger . When wet , the little ones feel the coolness of the body. Because you are still young.
It was at a financial institution. People go to the ATM . See the poor little cat . But that does not interest them so much. She screams for hunger , love and warmth.
I have not looked at longer. I thought only my part . The people have no spark respect and responsibility towards the animal .
This is very sad . Not even a glance or even a consideration.
It could be that you have to do something or give out .
I ‘m usually a little quieter but this was the first hammer , as they say .

The second case .


What was this week . I went into my cafe bar , as every morning before work. There were a lot of people .
Then she cried and shouted something . People have done a little cat out .
On the road.
I ran into the street . I ‘m hingerannt quickly and tried to stop cars.
So that the poor cat is not over.
I got it and once given milk.
She was fitted with roommates . Say fleas ticks and lice.
And had a lot of bushes also in the coat .
Well, what I have done then ?
Of course I took the kitten and once brought to the vet.
Sure, they had something in the stomach and the intestine .
And besides, it does not matter whether someone is an animal or not. The welfare of an animal is going well . I find .
It is not enough alone , then simply allowing animals to feed and their fate. No, even the medical part of it.
The animals can not by itself. You can not like people who just go to the vet.
And can be easily examined . Besides a veterinarian finds a street animal. This is something else . What happens very rarely .

third case


A dog standing in front of the bar where there was to eat. He thought if he could have something. No one had anything left .
You just looked at him and said, Is but dirty . The dog was hungry and thirsty . But that would have moved a time to give him something . No, it did not .
The dog was afraid of people . He is very shy . If you came near , he ran away.
That must have been. Determined man has once again made ​​the animal unjust . Beaten or something else.
I always think that if animals could talk, I know what was done to them .
Man is often very disrespectful and treat animals cruelly .
It must be a solution is that animals are managed more law and also against the people .
Not only for stray animals or abandoned animals , but also in nature.
While it is doing something, but far too little. Also of her government . And if so, very slowly.
Sure, you can not change the world alone . But you can give each animal a better life .
That’s also something . If everyone would do something, it would be easier for the animals and there would be less suffering .



We and the animals thank you for your interest .
Thank you for sacrificing your time to watch this purely .

If you are interested in supporting us
so that stray animals can still get food and veterinary treatments .
Then you can help us happy
Or write to us
if you want us to come feed
Here is our e mail address